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Healthy eating is nothing new.  It's not a trend, it's a way of life.  

Our menu is designed around our ability to hunt down natures real superfoods - and you can probably pronounce all of the words! 

We fuse a range of wholefoods to create interesting flavors and textures.  To achieve optimal flavor and maximum nutrients, we make everything on site in small batches, making every pickle worth your patience.

"They know what the neighborhood wants"

— Broadsheet



We want to give our customers crisp, crunchy and delicious protein, vegetables and fruits. Most of all, we want to expand people’s palates and prove that all the 'good stuff' doesn’t always come in the bitter or green variety!

Check out our seasonal menu.

*Note: our menu does not list ALL ingredients so please let us know if you have any dietary preferences.

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